All commissioned work is completed in oil. Here is a sampling of my portrait work with people and animals.  

The general information is below. Please contact me to arrange the details of your special piece or with any questions you have.


All commissions for portraits from pictures must have a face no smaller than 4" when painted.   My style of painting nor my shaky hands can do it justice.  The size and layout will be arranged with you before any work starts.  Prices quoted are for portraits with only one person.  Each additional person will increase the cost by 50% per person

Some reference photos may be better suited to a canvas size/format  that isn’t quoted below.  In those cases, we can discuss pricing but the following prices can be used as a guideline for a size in the same range.

The more people in the photo, the larger the portrait will have to be.

 8 x 10 inches  $250 CDN   (only one person)

11 x 14 inches $400 CDN   ($200 for each additional person)

16 x 20 inches $550 CDN   ($225 for each additional person)

18 x 24 inches $750 CDN   ($375 for each additional person)

Reference Material

I do my work from a reference photo, therefore the quality of the image is very important.  Light, sharpness, pixilation, clarity, colour(s) and the size of the photo are a few of the things that come into play.  In some cases your favourite photo may not be suitable as a reference photo for painting, although I will make every effort to accommodate your favourite.  I suggest you gather a few photos of the same subject matter and I will decide with you which option is best.  Some cropping or removal of objects in the photo may be suggested to get a nicer composition.  These changes will be agreed upon prior to the work beginning. 

If no suitable reference photo is available, I can produce one as a part of the arrangement, depending on location of course, for an additional fee that can be negotiated.


Depending on the complexity, the average timeline ranges from around 5 weeks to about 8 weeks.  Because I work in oils, the layers need that time span for drying time. In each case a rough deadline is discussed and you will be kept posted on the progress.  If something is needed by a specific date I require a minimum time of 8 weeks, except in extraordinary circumstances.  Timeline does not include shipping time.


I request a non-refundable deposit of 50% of the total unframed price  before work commences, and for the remainder to be paid upon completion. This is to cover the cost of materials and time for preparation.


Finished pieces can be supplied framed or unframed.  If you wish for the piece to be framed, the price of the piece quoted under pricing will increase by the frame price plus an added $20.00.  I would be happy to help you with the selection of a frame through discussions or by attending with you at the frame shop, depending on location.

Shipping & Delivery

Delivery arrangements are made in consultation with you. Shipping costs are not included in the price of the commission. I will send a quote of the shipping cost to you, and it must be paid at the time of the final payment for the piece prior to shipping.  Insurance is also the responsibility of the purchaser.